Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, Xmas came and went, we sort of cancelled it this year because it has been a long year. BUT we did have an incredible time meeting up at TGH. We all haven't seen each other together in many many months since we have been doing shifts at the hospital with Natalia, and literally can't afford to have too much time overlap. So since Natalia has been doing amazing and she was up for a get together we decided to have our Xmas at the Patient Atrium at TGH. We all gathered at 2pm, all of us including the girls (Scarlett and Sophie), my parents, martin, martin's parents and Angie.

It was really great to see Natalia, see Scarlett and also meet her niece Sophie for the first time. Sophie was born one day after Natalia was put on the ventilator. Natalia had big plans to come to see Sophie right after the birth, even though she was so sick, she wanted to make it to Mount Sinai to see her shortly after birth. It didn't happen quite that way, but this was just as good. Sophie got to meet her favorite aunt in a much much better state and she can't wait to spend a lot of quality time with her in the future (she tells me this every day :)

So overall I can't remember a Xmas that i think more fondly of, it was nice, simple (or incredibly complicated, depending which way you look at it) and it really was what Xmas should be all about. Here are some pics from the day.

Sophie and Natalia

Scarlett and Natalia

Proud grandparents

Patient Court (4th floor atrium at Toronto General Hospital)


Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

I love those pictures! Sophie is getting so big! Really happy for all of you and all of the best for 2010!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad you guys were able to have this time together as a family.

Taryn said...

Thanks for the pictures. This is incredible! Sophie is beautiful. I'm so glad that you guys got this time together as a family. My thoughts and prayers are with you always and lets hope for happier times (as you have definately earned it).

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