Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who does Sophie look like?

We really can't figure it out at all. When she was born, i could see me (without the nose, thank god). Now it is not so easy so we are asking you out there. Here is a picture of each of us and please vote in the poll to the right.

Beautiful Angie

Beautiful Sophie


Thanks. I am laughing as i did this so lets hope it amuses you guys as well.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick pumpkin

So over the last week or so, all 3 of us have managed to get sick, it started with some coughing and moved on to full on sick. Yesterday we took Sophie to the doctor since it just wasn't going away on its own and the doctor said her lungs were congested. We got some inhalers for her which we started immediately. It was tough seeing our little girl struggling and coughing and sneezing, so it was great to see the meds start working so quickly. Angie and I are big believers in our healthcare system (since angie works in it and I have seen it save natalia) so we didn't have any objections to the medicine. She had to get sick at some point so I am glad that we are working our way out of our first bout. To be honest, Sophie was actually really great through the whole thing, it was us that were really worried for her, but I guess that is our role :). So all is well, we are on the mend and hoping to be back at full strength very soon.

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Cute things my daugher does.

So Sophie has now entered a new stage, she is more and more alert and every day she is doing more and more cute things. I am sure all the mothers out there will read this and wonder why I am surprised at all these things, but prior to having a child I really didn't spend a lot of time thinking about childhood development, so everyday is just full of surprises for me.

1) Loves her vowels right now and works incredible hard to mimic them... A, E, I, O, U.... It makes me laugh just thinking about how hard she tries and her A and E are world class :).

2) She very recently has found out that yelling or screaming is a lot of fun, very new. She just yells stuff out and not because she wants to cry at all.

3) Sneezing and farting / pooing at the same time, this is for sure one of my personal favorites especially when the poo goes out at a high velocity and escapes at the back of the diaper and up her back.... Good times!!!!

4) When we walk down the stairs holding her, she makes this cute noise and tucks in her knees, as if she was worried about falling. It is very cute, with each step down she tucks the knees right in. Haha.

5) Bathtime, we have a great time with the bath. It wasn't her personal favorite early on, and she is still quite scheptical when getting in, but now we usually can get a lot of smiles out during each bathtime. She now smiles when she splashes the water with her hand.

Angie always said that she loves babies from 3 to 6 months and I am starting to see why. Every day is something new and it almost seems like we are seeing her communicate with us. Pretty amazing.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Congested Sophie

so we had a great day at the doctor's yesterday and despite the 2 needles sophie got in her thighs, it was a pretty uneventfull day. We gave her the recommended infant tylenol which kept her pretty much out of it for the day. In the evening she was her usual self, but it almost seems like she developed a bit of a cough and is quite congested. I am sure this is totally unrelated to the actual shot. So today I worked from home and we spent the day trying to clear her nose to help her breathe a bit easier. She sounds really terrible, but the snot is moving now so hopefully she will be better shortly. (I am sure she will).


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 month appointment

So today sophie is 2 months old and we have a dr. Appointment. Big day today, first set of shots. It all went well, baby is doing fine and there was a quick shot in each thigh. More difficult on angie and I than sophie. She cried a bit and went to sleep for the car ride home, so overall it was better than I expected. That's it, let's see how it goes for the rest of the day and hopefully she doesn't get a fever or a lot of swelling from the needles.

Can't believe she is 2 months old, but in some way it seems like she has been with us for a lot longer than that (not forever), but longer than 2 months. I keep making angie laugh when I say, remember when we got her.... She is not a puppy john :). Anyway, all is well over here.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

CBC Part 4

Quick update, for any of you that missed it, Mark Kelley's show did the 4th segment on Natalia and her segment. This one says it all.... Coming home.

CBC On a Mission, Part 4



A little while since I wrote, but things have been quite busy, but really settling down. As you all know natalia was discharged from TGH and is now home. CBC who has been an incredible voice for the organ donation cause did a spectacular job in their latest segment. Easily me favorite part is the interview with natalia's surgeon dr. K. He really summed up what all the media coverage was all about, a spotlight and a human face to the unbelievable things organ donation can do. He also spoke of the problem it is in Canada and our lagging behind most developed nations. Like he said, we are so extremely good at transplantation (in his case arguably the best in the world), but not as good at making the organs available and that is a true shame. I bet his team would love to have the "problem" of having too many lungs and not enough recipients, but that simply is not the reality right now. Our family fully plans to continue this fight for others that are waiting and we will need your help and there will be plenty of ways to get involved.

So that's it for now, Natalia is home, adjusting to what must feel like a new life without waking up in a hospital bed. Go sis Go !!!!!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pumping question

I have a question for all the parents out there and it has to do with breast feeding an more specifically with pumping breast milk. Angie and I have tried this and it works (kind of). Let me explain, we can pump milk and we get some, and sophie gladly east from the bottle.... So far so good. But we can't pump enough to get ahead in any way so basically we pump and it is gone the same day.... So we are not sure what the point of it is. We were thinking that we could pump and build up a little bit of milk inventory (let's say enough for a few feeds) and give angie a break for a feed or two and I can feed. But we don't seem to be able to achieve that. Are we doing something wrong or missing the point of it?

Any help would be great.

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January fishing

So continuing my once a month fishing thing going with a trip to the niagara whirlpool. This time went with my good friend Mario (The Healthy Butcher). Didn't really look at the weather forecast, I knew it was going to be cold but didn't know it was going to be snowing like crazy. We left at 5:30am and got there before the sun came up and it was really snowing. There was no snow in st. Catherine's but as we went up the mountain it was really coming down. There was one other crazy guy from barrie there by himself so we didn't feel completly crazy. Didn't catch anything, but had a great time and how many people can say that they fished in January and every month since april. Anyway, as usual a great time, but I would really like to catch a fish on the niagara one day. Someone help me with this please (usually not this bad at fishing). February I am thinking a 2 day trip on lake nippissing or simcoe, some ice fishing to mix it up :)

Till next time.
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