Friday, February 26, 2010

Poo out the back, a question.

Hello all, before I go out there and try to redesign diapers, I thought I would ask all of you first. So my wonderfull daughter who is now like 3 and half months old, has poos that go out the back of the diaper almost every time. It was funny at first, but there is only so many times a day you can wash everything.

We have tried different types of diapers and sizes, without any luck, any thoughts?

Hope you are all well.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My olympic dissapointment so far...

I love sports, mostly participating, but generally love competing and spending time with people that feel the same way about sports and what they mean to us. For me the olympics are an incredible human story. People dedicating their lives to the pursuit of a single goal for a single day in the distant future. Most of these athletes work their butts off and never see the fame and riches of their professional counterparts. You can see the pride and the effort during the olympics in a way that doesn't quite show up in the Superbowl, Stanley cup or the NBA championship (the world cup of soccer comes close).

The opening ceremony of the Olympics is the beginning of the games and it should showcase the country as well as the Olympic ideals and overall I think it was a very nice ceremony, not over the top.... very Canadian. Except one thing for me. During the week leading up to the Olympics there was a lot of speculation who would light the Olympic flame and most people were saying the it would be Wayne Gretzky, our hockey hero. Not a bad choice at all, since he is a great sportsman, father and a role model for athletes from all sports, but in my opinion another Canadian Terry Fox should have been chosen. It isn't my idea at all, and there were some rumors that a hologram of Terry Fox would light the torch. For those of you that are not Canadian you can read about Terry Fox here, but in short, Terry Fox was an incredible young man that decided to run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer. He did all on one leg since he lost his right leg to cancer a few years ago. He started on Canada's Atlantic coast in Newfoundland and ran all the way to Thunderbay, Ontario. That is a distance of over 5400 kms while averaging a marathon a day (42km). He had to abandon the run due to his cancer coming back into his lungs after 143 days. His goal was to collect a dollar from every single canadian which he did (24 Million at the time). Sadly he died next June at the age of 23. His foundation has raised over 500 million dollars for cancer research.

To me, Terry Fox is one of those people that makes me very very proud to be Canadian. In my opinion, it is hard to name the Canadian that defines the Olympic spirit more than he does and I was very very excited about his possible inclusion in the Vancouver Games. It would have been great and even Terry Fox's mother Betty thinks that he should have been included in this article. Anyway, it was a nice ceremony, but it could have been spectacular.


3 months old

I apologize for my inconsistent writing lately. I always want to write a post, but than something comes up and all of a sudden I haven't written in a few weeks. Will be better, I promise.

So Sohpie just turned 3 months old yesterday which is just incredible to me. It in a lot of ways seems a lot longer than that, but I am guessing most of that has to do with everything that was happening right around her birth. It's funny how incredible all that seems now. Waiting for sophie to be born and Natalia fighting for her life at St. Mikes. It seemed like a crazy race and I was really hoping that Natalia gets to meet her niece. I never lost hope, but the idea of witnessing Sophie be born while Natalia was on a ventilator across the street seems completely out of this world to me now. I am so glad how it all turned out and like Natalia said many times during 2009, "things are really coming together".
And things have really come together, everyone is doing well and adjusting to their new lives, Natalia to her new incredible lungs, being a full-time mom again and Angie and I being parents to our little pumpkin. I must say, it has been an incredible 3 months and Scarlett and Sophie woint believe us when we tell them about it one day. So November 13th and a week later Nov 21st are very very special dates and I look forward to celebrating both of those in the future. I have a number of pictures to post of all of us and will add them to the blog in the near future. Thanks for reading.


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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ok... I lost

It really looks like everyone thinks that Sophie looks like Angie. I totally agree and couldn't be more thrilled by that. Very few men should really want their daughter to look like them and not their significant other :) just saying, most of us are not pretty enough for that.

Anyway, not much to report over here, we seem to have recovered from our illness and sophie is now 13 pounds and will be 3 months in not too long. Time flies when you are having fun, but it really seems a lot longer than 3 months to be honest (not in a bad way).

I have some big blog posts in the works about Natalia's surgeon Dr. K and a few other things so sorry for the lack of writing. My goal is shorter and more frequent posts.

Chat soon.
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