Friday, May 28, 2010

Sitting up and rolling over

Once in a while angie makes a comment about my blog. I know she reads it, but usually doesn't comment about it a lot. A few days ago she said, how come you haven't blogged about the sitting up and rolling over, she has been doing those for a long time now. So, yes, little Sophie can now sit on her own while playing with an occasional fall if she gets distracted. She can also roll over but is not very eager to do so. She likes hanging out in the almost rolled over postion, but rarely completes the move (from her back to front). She has to be really motivated when reaching for something. Like a toy. So basically now, when we put her on the ground she rolls from side to side, depending on what viewing angle she wants.

Anyway all is good here. We are enjoying the crazy hot weather in southern ontario after our winter hibernation.

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