Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Double Hair Whorl

Just curious if anyone out there has heard about the Double Hair Whorl... What you ask? I have learned that people either have a single whorl (clockwise or counter clockwise) or a double whorl (both clockwise or one in each direction). We just noticed that Sophie has the double, one in each direction. I thought nothing about it (and still don't think much of it), but if you google this, there is lots of loose correlations of the double hair whorl to all kinds of things including left-handedness, smart, stubborn, just about everything actually.

Anyway, thought it was pretty funny and now I look at the back of the head of any child I see.

Anyone out there have one of these as well?

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MyLifeMyWorld said...

Is that the same thing as a cowlick? We all have that I think....

I'm not sure, I think you need to take a picture so we can see for ourselves..wink wink. Oh wait, and maybe one of that cute baby face of hers.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has a double cowlick as well. Never knew there were personality traits tied to this. She has the smart and stubborn attributes for sure. It is quite interesting science. My daughter (7 yrs) is not left handed, but as a baby was very ambidextrous. Fascinating.

MyLifeMyWorld said...

Still waiting on that picture...lol. Hope you guys are having a great summer!

MyLifeMyWorld said...

Hey there, been awhile since you posted...you still around? How are things going on your end? HOpe all is good :)

Lisa said...

Hi just read your blog... I was
Looking for Natalia .actually. I was writing a blob still sittingwaitingwishing.blogspot.. And she wrote some very beautiful comments and I wanted to thank her..I'm just seeing these now.. Could you tell her?? My name Lisa and I've started the blog again, but I wanted to find out how she has been??? Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Hi! My home is in Singapore.
I've 3 kids. Eldest girl has 2 whorls. She's smart but stubborn.
My boys have 4 & 2 respectively. The boy with four is smart too but very very stubborn.
Youngest boy is only 7 mths so can't tell yet.
My children's head get them lots of attention cos of the whorls.
Where I come from, people always say those with two ir more whorls are stubborn/naughty kids.

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