Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Weeks today... Sweet God.

So it looks like 3 weeks from today i will be a father. I have known that this day is coming for quite sometime... 8 months roughly, but really until you get close, it doesn't quite sink in. The only feeling like this that i have ever experienced (fear, mixed-in with excitement) was when i was doing the Ironman (by the way i am not comparing a pregnancy to a stupid triathlon). I trained like crazy for a very long time, was anxious about the race, but I just kept doing the training not thinking about what the race really is. Not even before the race did it really dawn on me what i am about to do, swim 4k, bike 180k and run a marathon, 42k. The specific moment that reminds me of what i am feeling right now, is about 175k into the bike, when i thought, NOW i have to run a marathon.... I knew what i had to do and was ready, but the reality didn't really set in. This feels very similar, i really knew that i was having a baby, girl, but now, 3 weeks today it suddenly feels incredibly real. I am so excited, going through the last 8 months, watching Angie change a little bit each day has been amazing. During this time, natalia welcomed Scarlett into our family and this has given me some exposure to babies, and let me tell you that i am by no means a natural. I really don't know how i will manage this first little part, but I am very happy that Angie has the confidence and experience. I have got to spend a fair bit of time with Scarlett over her first 3 months and even fed her once or twice and these experiences have been traumatic for me, I am sure this will get better, but I have a feeling it will be a funny start during which i sit and watch the baby sleep to make sure everything is ok. At this I have considerable experience as I have spent a nite or two at St. Mikes watching Natalia sleep. For many hospital visits I have been the Night Man.

I am very eager to start and learn and be totally involved in her life. I have always wanted to be a father would have had children 10 years ago, but was never in a situation that felt right. I am now, and couldn't be happier about what is about to happen 3 weeks for now. I am already in awe of the fact that we have managed to create life and simply can't wait to meet my daughter (there is only so long you can talk to a belly, but i have put in some good hours of "conversation"). So that's the update for now. I just can't wait, so please wish us luck.


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Natalia Ritchie said...

That was the best post ever John!! I am so excited too!! You will be the best dad in the world, I am sure of that. And that fear that you talk about, it lasts only a second. Trust me, we know. Martin and I were less prepared that you and Angie. I did not carry ours, it's was - 'here is your baby', but I'm telling you, you get that kid, and it's like....well, it's all good. In a week you will be a pro. I can't wait to meet her too. I promise to be the best aunt to her, and Scarlett the best big sister. Cause really they will be like sisters. Yay 3 weeks!!!!!!!

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