Sunday, October 18, 2009


Happiness in my opinion is a very funny thing. When you have nothing in life to be unhappy about, well, during that time a lot of us are quite unhappy. Only when life hits you and shows you what real unhappiness could be, only at that point, you realize that you might have wasted a bunch of years. Perspective is key to seeing all this, and taking joys in life when they are there is very important. Over the last number of months, happiness should be difficult to find, with Natalia at war with her CF, the seemingly endless wait for those lungs, you would think that these would be miserable months... and don't get me wrong, things are really tough, and so tough for Natalia who is in the middle of all of it. BUT, also these last few months have had so much joy, with Scarlett joining our family, Angie joining the family officially yesterday (yes we got married) and our daughter on the way in 5 weeks. These months have made us all closer, all focused as a family. I have seen my niece way more than i would under other circumstances, and have spent some great times with Natalia going to her pre-transplant physio at TGH. I really looked forward to each of those sessions, and i really hope that Natalia regains her strength and we can go and continue the workouts.

A good friend of mine, that i won't name here, went through a very traumatic near death experience in his immediate family (out of nowhere). He said something a few weeks ago that really touched me: "life happens when you are making plans".... Crazy, we are always planning for the future, chasing stuff and we ignore a lot of things that are happening today. I wish we didn't need near death reminders to think about life and what is important.

Get some rest sis and lets keep praying for those lungs.

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Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on clinical depression versus unhappiness? What about crazy versus unhappy? Crazy people need love, too. What about those people that think they have tiny fibres growing out of their skin? That's just dumb. Those people don't deserve love - they just need a lint brush. What was my point? Go Nat! Go Marty!

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