Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nice day at TGH

Not that i don't think nicely of the Toronto General Hospital (TGH), but today was a really nice day there. A while back, i said that i would feel "normal" when i haven't been at TGH for 6 months. Well, today felt like that day. I was there not too long ago, but it felt like a lifetime ago to be honest. This morning I helped Natalia with her bronchoscopy (6 month appointments). We met nice and early in the am and the day went vary smoothly. Actually nothing to write about. We waited, Nat had the bronch, we waited a bit more and we left. Natalia wasn't nervous at all (and neither was I).

Normal, it really felt that way today. I also ran into a great friend of mine Paula at TGH (who i will write about in the near future since she really is responsible for everything - will explain) and she even said that it must feel like a lifetime ago. It sure did feel that way today.

Go sis Go.



Anonymous said...

I love this post.

John and Angie said...

It really was a nice day

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