Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things I love about My daughter

1) the giggles. I love coming home from work grabbing her and kissing her belly as she giggles like crazy. She can't stop laughing. She now can see it coming and start smiling when I come near.

2) that people keep asking how old HE is. She is pretty much always wearing pink but it makes me laugh every time.

3) bath time. We have been doing bath time in the big tub since Sophie has been just over a month old. Every day except two (or maybe three nights) we play together in the big tub. We splash, play with toys and it keeps getting better and better. We are also starting our "swimming lessons" in a few weeks which will be awesome

4) that she got my eating and sleeping genes. Meaning she loves to sleep and eat like her daddy :). Maybe I should move that up higher in the list

5) Regularly pooping during the dinnner feed. She now works very for each poo. It is quite an event each time. I feed her cereal around 6:30 and soon after the show begins

6) general cuteness. She is pretty darn cute and smiles quite a bit

And overall that she likes her daddy. It is very cool to come home each nite with my two girls waiting for me. Life really is pretty flawless right now.

Thanks for reading

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Marti said...

They do make every day infinitely more awesome, don't they?

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