Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teeth have been spotted...

Still in the gums, but you can see the two top ones. Just waiting to pop out and I am sure create all kinds of havoc that we are not ready for. I noticed them when I pulled back her upper lip, because I can kind of feel them when feeding her with the spoon. Angie didn't believe me but I think she is now. I just can't believe it, stuff is coming up pretty quickly now. I am sure we will wake up one of these mornings and there will be a tooth. Haha.

Apart from that exciting news, all is well here. We had a nice weaken again and completely wore ourselves out. We go on these marathon walks multiple times a day that leave me broken. Angie tells me she does it every day and laughs at my inability to keep up. Haha, I need to up my walking mileage :)


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