Friday, January 8, 2010


A little while since I wrote, but things have been quite busy, but really settling down. As you all know natalia was discharged from TGH and is now home. CBC who has been an incredible voice for the organ donation cause did a spectacular job in their latest segment. Easily me favorite part is the interview with natalia's surgeon dr. K. He really summed up what all the media coverage was all about, a spotlight and a human face to the unbelievable things organ donation can do. He also spoke of the problem it is in Canada and our lagging behind most developed nations. Like he said, we are so extremely good at transplantation (in his case arguably the best in the world), but not as good at making the organs available and that is a true shame. I bet his team would love to have the "problem" of having too many lungs and not enough recipients, but that simply is not the reality right now. Our family fully plans to continue this fight for others that are waiting and we will need your help and there will be plenty of ways to get involved.

So that's it for now, Natalia is home, adjusting to what must feel like a new life without waking up in a hospital bed. Go sis Go !!!!!

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Poppy said...

She's home! I did not know! Must've missed something. I'll go over and check her blog. I'd love to have a link to the latest segment about Natalia if you have it handy.

Glad things are settling down and slowing down for you all :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to here she is home, I have been following the blog since it first appeared in the Torontos Star. I must admit I was getting worried with no new postings, but now I understand she is to busy living. Way to go Natalia, I think you should write a book

Julia said...

I have been wondering how Natalia is doing at home. Glad all is well. It must be so amazing for her to wake up in her own bed again and see Scarlett all the time. I am so so happy for her and can't wait for her to write about it on her blog.

I agree, I think Natalia should write a book.

Anonymous said...

john, send direct tweet @ummer29. I'm a DLTx in Nova Scotia and helping others awaiting organs and wanting to help more.

John and Angie said...

thanks for the nice words folks and for caring about natalia so much. here is the link to the latest segment from the CBC (worth watching for sure)

Anonymous said...

i have been following both your blog and natalia's and i think that the story is amazing! i am a full believer in organ donation, however, i think that part of the problem in ontario, maybe canada as a whole, is that the final decision rests not with the person (if they are unable to speak or make their wishes known) but with their spouse or family members. my family has already expressed that they would not follow my wishes (sad i know) and would not donate my organs. perhaps this is something that you can bring up to those in the donation world. not sure where to direct my comment where it could really do any good, so i'm saying it here!
blessings to you and your family as you embark upon this new chapter in your lives! may you enjoy each new day and the adventures it brings!

Malory (Bella) said...

So happy to hear that Natalia is home with her family! She's very lucky to have a wonderful family, and I'm so happy for all of you.

Just wanted to let you know that, despite always being a believer of organ donation, I've never thought much of it as it has never affected me personally. Your family's story isn't personal to me, but it really has affected me and I am doing everything I can to make people more aware and to advocate that organ donation should be the go-to option. It will happen!

All the best to you, Natalia, and your families.

MyLifeMyWorld & Growing Families said...

HORRAY, Nat is home!!!! How are you doing? How's life with the baby?

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