Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cute things my daugher does.

So Sophie has now entered a new stage, she is more and more alert and every day she is doing more and more cute things. I am sure all the mothers out there will read this and wonder why I am surprised at all these things, but prior to having a child I really didn't spend a lot of time thinking about childhood development, so everyday is just full of surprises for me.

1) Loves her vowels right now and works incredible hard to mimic them... A, E, I, O, U.... It makes me laugh just thinking about how hard she tries and her A and E are world class :).

2) She very recently has found out that yelling or screaming is a lot of fun, very new. She just yells stuff out and not because she wants to cry at all.

3) Sneezing and farting / pooing at the same time, this is for sure one of my personal favorites especially when the poo goes out at a high velocity and escapes at the back of the diaper and up her back.... Good times!!!!

4) When we walk down the stairs holding her, she makes this cute noise and tucks in her knees, as if she was worried about falling. It is very cute, with each step down she tucks the knees right in. Haha.

5) Bathtime, we have a great time with the bath. It wasn't her personal favorite early on, and she is still quite scheptical when getting in, but now we usually can get a lot of smiles out during each bathtime. She now smiles when she splashes the water with her hand.

Angie always said that she loves babies from 3 to 6 months and I am starting to see why. Every day is something new and it almost seems like we are seeing her communicate with us. Pretty amazing.

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Cyn said...

It's wonderful to hear how much you are enjoying every little minute with her. Parenthood is absolutely amazing!

I wanted to let you know that although I'm not commenting regularly, I am regularly reading as soon as a new post goes up. Thank you for sharing with me!

Poppy said...

I spent many years feeling that sense of excitement wondering what one of my kids was going to do next. Then they grew up and though I was always proud and impressded, the sense of excitement wasn't as frequent.

Now I get to experience it all over again with my grandchildren.

You have so, so much to look forward to!

John and Angie said...

Thanks. I love every second of this. simply incredible to be honest.

MyLifeMyWorld & Growing Families said...

I too love the 3 to 6 month stage, in fact I love the newborn to age 4 stage! It's so fun to see life through their eyes, experience their firsts with them, just wait, it keeps getting better and better as she discovers more and more. Enjoy her, it's so fleeting and so easy to forget, take lots of pictures and really just enjoy this time.

Natalia Ritchie said...

I agree 3-6 months are great. Scarlett does something new now every day. It's pretty incredible to watch.

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