Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Types, i am curious

Now i don't actually remember, how Angie and I came across the Baby Whisperer book, but I am very glad we did. I think Natalia had a copy. We have been using the methods in there right from the beginning and we basically believe they work quite well. So I have re-read the part about the different types of babies. I looked at this well before Sophie was born, but have not read about them since and when reading it before Sophie, I didn't think very much of it. Not sure what i think of it now, but would like to find out from you guys about your experience with it.

So here it is, the book introduces five broad temperament types as: Angel, Textbook, Touchy, Spirited and Grumpy.

  • adapts to environment and whatever changes you throw her way.
  • rarely cries
  • no terrible twos
  • easy-going and even tempered
  • it doesn't take much to distract or calm when upset
  • few meltdowns
  • good sleeper
  • adapts easily to big-girl bed
  • social, smiling and everyone
  • takes things in stride
  • has reached every milestone like clockwork
  • no trouble reading the child's cues
  • for the most part a mellow temperament (but has cranky periods)
  • easy to soothe and reassure
  • goes with the flow when things are introduced slowly
  • takes average time to fall asleep
  • not frightened by other kids
Touchy (15 % of children)
  • ultrasensitive from the beginning
  • high-strung and excitable
  • flinches at noises
  • cries often for no apparent reason
  • room has to be warm enough or dark enough to sleep
  • hard to fall back asleep
  • things have to be introduced slowly and gradually
  • shy of strangers as a baby
  • tends to clutch to mother
  • as a toddler bashful, fearful and cautious
  • great at puzzles and games that require concentration
  • tend to be good students
Spirited (15% of children)
  • aggressive and vocal
  • loud screams to get attention
  • in social situations, jumps right into the action
  • wants the other kids toys
  • never a good sleeper
  • good eater but can't stay at the table for long
  • climbs incessantly and heedlessly
  • throws fits when parents don't give him what he wants
  • challenging to parent
  • born leaders, explorers, entrepreneurs, fearless
  • got a chip on their shoulder
  • hard to make smile
  • dressing and diapering a challenge
  • hates being swaddled
  • feeding difficult all along
  • impatient if things are not right
  • quirky eater
  • social if wants to be but holds back to assess situation first
  • old soul (as if she has been here before and not happy about being back)
  • prefers to play on her own
  • good at maintaining own boundaries
  • can't push them
  • very independent as adults
So those are the categories, funny reading it again, but I really do think that babies start out and we all end up different as adults with different temperaments so I guess it makes sense.

On the side I am putting up a poll (and you can select multiple types), lets see what the results show.

Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

I'm taking credit for this!! I bought Natalia The Baby Whisperer because the book helped me so much with Nova and she really liked it, and I am assuming she passed it on to you.

Since no one else is around to pat me on the back I guess I'll just have to do it myself. :)

John and Angie said...

yes. that is right beth. it was you.

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