Friday, April 16, 2010

Cleared to eat solid food.

So we have been cleared (by our doctor) to give Sophie solid food (cereal). We are quite excited and will be starting shortly. Any advice folks?


Anonymous said...

Cover everything you own (including yourselves and Sophie) in plastic until she turns 7.

John and Angie said...

Does anyone have any cereal recommendations?

Anonymous said...

I really liked Milupa because you can by it in all sorts of flavours, including vegetable. I found that I was able to get my kids to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which were in the cereal that they didn't like on their own. Plus, to be perfectly honest, it tasted INCREDIBLE. It was hard for me not to eat it for breakfast, it was so yummy.

Kelly Jimmo said...

Hi John,

Glad to see things are going so well for you and the family. Sophie is beautiful! I used Milupa for both my kids and never had a problem. They both loved it and they had a great variety.

Good luck!

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