Monday, April 26, 2010

First Business Trip

This morning is a big day for my little family, it is the first day that I am away over-nite. I am in Tallehasse, Florida for a presentation at one of our clients. I used to travel for business quite frequently in my now 12 years at IBI, but literally haven't gone anywhere in the last few years and not a single trip last year. With everything going on last year with Natalia, and Angie being pregnant, I just couldn't even think about it. Professionally I didn't really have to do it so it worked out.

So this is my first trip, I am anxious to be away from my girls for the first time. Only one nite away, but two long days and I will miss my little life back home. Miss Sophie's smiles and laughs and I am sure when I get back she will be doing something new that I haven't seen. I used to actually enjoy travelling and being away from home, but I think that part of me is gone. I love my life, my girls and don't want to miss time with them.

One nite, two long days.

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Cyn said...

It will be a very sweet homecoming!

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