Friday, April 30, 2010

Business Trip - back...

Actually have been back for since late tuesday nite, but the rest of the week has been crazy so I didn't have any time to write at all. Business trips just plain suck. I used to not mind them, but now I just don't care for them at all. Let me give you a brief description of how my monday and tuesday went.

1) wake up at 4am, at airport by 5am
2) stand is security for an hour
3) have a short breakfast, get on plane at 7am
4) fly to atlanta, 2hrs
5) wait in atlanta
6) fly to tallehasse, get in around 12
7) check into hotel, meet coworkers and get a quick bite to eat (sandwich and coffee)
8) work on presentation till 7pm
9) have dinner
10) work on presentation from about 8:30 till 11pm, go to bed

1) wake up at 6am
2) breakfast at 6:30am
3) practice presentation for the client from 7am till 1pm
4) deliver presentation 1:30 till 3pm
5) go to airport 4pm
6) fly to atlanta at 4:30pm
7) wait for flight to toronto for 4 hours
8) fly to toronto and get in at 12:30am wednesday

Not a nice way to spend 2 days. It was needed, but business travel is not at all what some think of it. anyway, enough complaining. Onward.

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