Sunday, June 27, 2010

No time to write.... Let's start with baptism part 1

But I have lots to write about, just really busy lately, Sophie, family, work, enjoying the summer weather. Where to start, I guess I will start with Scarlett's baptism. That was almost two weeks ago. Ok, so as always, Natalia knows how to throw a good party and the baptism was one of those for sure. Since i am scarlett's godfather, i had a serious role to play that day and was a bit worried about holding scarlettcfor the actual procedure. (Scarlett doesn't care for me holding her right now, so I had a vision of a complete breakdown in church, but Scarlett was perfect). The church part was well attended with lots of family friends and a few special guest including Barbara Turnbull and her great friend Dini Petty (yes, that Dini Petty) and the three daughters of the woman that saved Natalia's life by donating her lungs (more on this in a second). Ever since the newspaper coverage of Natalia's journey, I have got to know Barbara a bit and she has quickly become one of my favorite people. You can just tell that she gets IT, and her continuing coverage of other transplant stories is going to save many many lives in the future and hopefully one day stories like Natalia's are just that, stories, and people just won't believe that in 2010 you could die waiting for a transplant. Anyway, i am so glad that you were able to attend and see how much things have changed in just 7 months. Simply incredible and I still really don't believe it.

Here is a few pictures from the baptism.

The whole team including scarlett, the parents and godparents

one of my favorite Angie pictures ever. love it, she might disagree.

Part 2 is next (the party at the house)

Thanks for reading.



Cyn said...

Was the first one just a teaser pic? It's not loading all of the way or you've blocked out everyone but you from the shot. :)

Richard said...

Great shot of angie and sophie =)

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