Monday, November 9, 2009

Another monday

Yet another early monday morning update. Natalia had a good nite till about 3am until the blood came again, it is happening every second or third nite. It didn't last long, but it takes a lot out of her physically and emotionally. Just not easy to cough up a bunch of blood. Since, she has been resting, not really sleeping, but just dozing off until the physio starts at 8am. Maybe today again starts rough, but is a good day afterwards. Let's hope again.

So another nite without the call, but another day for the call to arrive.

3 months and 3 days on list.

4 days till my baby arrives this friday unless the little bugger decides to turn :)



Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

John. I can't thank you enough for your updates. You are a very special brother. I have two who love me very much but tend to get going when the going gets tough. Be very proud of yourself.

It sucks to hear that Nat had another blood spell. Sending her love and hoping that today's the day.

4 days from now, your life is going to change in such an amazing way. I am really excited for you and Angie and I cannot wait to see pics!

HArmstrong said...

hi john, i have been following natalia's blog and yours. thanks for the updates. I am sending out postivie thoughts and vibes all the time. i want her to get her call so soon.
in the summer i went for a pre lung transplant assessment. during that time, i was quite sick and coughing up gobs of blood that would just not seem to stop every couple days. it was quite scary.
i started taking v-fend. voriconazole (for aspergillius) and immediatly the bleeding stopped. maybe that is something natalia can try?
hoping the next time you blog, she has her call.

Ramona said...

Hi John,

I'm so sorry to hear that it was a rough morning and that the blood has come back.
I hope that today only gets better, and that today is the day!
Thinking of you guys as well, and hope all goes great on Friday.
Sending love and positive vibes out to Natalia. This has been such a rough ride, but I can feel good days ahead.

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