Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CBC Does it again

Hello everyone, CBC aired the second part of the show today. It was very well done and here is the links to both parts of Natalia's Story, Part 1, Part 2. I found this one tough to watch, not easy to see yourself on TV talking about something this personal. But, the point of this is to raise awareness about organ donation and both parts do that quite well. So please forward to your family and friends and please comment and share your stories through the CBC website.

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Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Hi John: I watched it last night. You did an amazing job. It was pretty hard for me to see Nat struggling so much. I wish with all of my heart that there was something that I could do. I am passing along the links.

Hugs to you all.

Good luck tomorrow! It's going to be a perfect day to welcome your sweet babe into the world. Congrats and I cannot wait to see pics of Scarlett's cousin! Adorable!

Ramona said...

Hi John,
I watched it last night.
I thought you spoke very well. I really liked your idea of having people's stories who are awaiting a transplant on the web site. I think that really makes it personal for people, and give them a real, tangible reason for them to donate.
It was difficult to see Natalia, and how much she is going through right now, and how much all of you are suffering watching her suffer.
However I think it is so important for people to see and wonderful that the CBC is doing it.
I believe it will get people to sign their donor cards. I know it was not easy, but your family is going to make a difference, for Natalia and all others awaiting organs!!

Kerry said...

Natalia makes me fight harder too...I have waited 2 years for lung transplant, in the hospital now, its so hard when you can't breathe and you hurt and you don't know when that call will come. I, too, believe I will get my lungs...I can relate to that...yet when I look around, hope is harder and harder to find...yet we must all seize it up, for our children and our to you all, praying with you to hear great news......let's go!!

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