Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CBC Part 2

So yesterday I did some filming with the CBC for Connect with Mark Kelley, part 2 of the story about Natalia and her transplant journey. Let me tell you, that being on camera is not easy. It also doesn't help talking about something as personal as Natalia's illness. The CBC guys were really great and made it as easy as it could be, and I am sure that with some editing, air brushing, they might make me sound coherent (maybe). Anyway, it needed to be done and let's hope that it helps people to sign their donor cards and discuss this topic with their families. So thanks CBC, doing this story for sure will save people's lives.

As for Natalia, she had a better nite and this morning looks promising so I am hoping it is a very boring day.

3 months 4 days on the list.
3 days till Baby X arrives (no name yet, so my mom and Natalia call her Baby X)

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