Monday, November 23, 2009

The call

So on saturday Natalia got the call that the lungs came in. It was incredible and it didn't seem real at all. Martin called me and we cried on the phone because the call came just in time. When I saw Martin's name on my phone, I didn't think it was good news, I actually thought he was calling for us to meet the surgeons about the living donor option. We were ready to do this, and even though there is no choice to make, it is a difficult thing to wrap your head around. But it never got to this because a donor was found. Once we got the call the lungs were assessed to make sdure they are viable for transplant and this was a very nervous time since it was so close, but it could be just a false alarm. It wasn't. The surgery started early evening and took about 10 hours. We were told that it went reasonably well but that she wasn't out of the woods just yet. I will leave the technical details to Natalia's blog at which is updated by a great family friend, Myles.

So over the next day we waited patiently at Natalia and Martin's house, letting the new additions to the family (scarlett and sophie) distract us from the severity of natalia's conditon and the craziness of the last number of months. But things are stable and condition has slowly been moving in the right direction and the donor lungs are working great and Natalia is breathing with them. What still blows me away is that she doesn't have CF in those lungs.... 30 years of that horrible disease have been removed.

So that's the update, but I also would like to say thank you to all donor families out there. It is the most incredible gift of all time, but one that requires someone's father, mother, daughter to pass. It makes me cry thinking about the hell another family must have gone through in order for someone on the a waiting list to have another chance at life. There are more than 4000 others like Natalia waiting to continue their lives and their lives could be changed by the extraordinary act of being an organ donor.

John (Natalia's brother)

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Expectant Duck said...

Thanks for the update John.

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

I can only imagine the fear and worry that you all must have felt. But relief too - great relief.

Being someone who has lost a member of my immediate family very suddenly, I only wish that my Dad had a shot to have been an organ donor. It would have given us all such pride in knowing that he could have touched lives - even beyond his own life. Natalia's story reconfirms my status as an organ donor. I always knew that I wanted to be one if anything should ever happen to me but knowing how much a donor can change lives really drives it home for me. It just makes sense.

I am so glad that Nat is making small steps of progress.

Victoria said...

I'm so very happy to know that today Natalia breathes with lungs that are free from CF. A true miracle and blessing.

I have been an organ donor ever since the day I got my drivers license 30+ years ago. My husband and children are as well. I can think of no greater gift we can leave behind when we exit t his world.

Prayers continue...

Victoria said...

^^^^Better known as Poppy~

OceanDesert said...

My heart is so full for your family right now!

Wewurtskihit said...


I am glad Nat is through the worst and on her way to recovery. Though it will take some time and a lot of effort she will, as you said, breath for the first time with lungs that are healthy!!!! That is such an awesome thought!!!
And dont forget, someone and/or someones family decided their organs were better suited donated than in a coffin!! That is such a gift but a gift willingly given. I dont feel sad for that family but admire them for their strength!!
I am certain Nat will live a fantastic life with her new lungs and make the person who donated their lungs proud!!!


Ramona said...

I am so excited to hear the news about the tubes and the sedation. I continue to pray!!

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