Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rough way to start the day

This morning was rough, I got here at 5:30am and natalia was awake after not getting a lot og sleep during the nite. Not long after, she got another big panic attack. It was really quite serious and scary. I could see the panic attack coming and we tried to focus thoughts, but in the end it hit her full on. Together with some great staff here, some pain meds, and a number of long hours, natalia worked through it. These attacks just show up and go away out of nowhere and we really need to get a handle on them.

Right now things are calm, she is sleeping on the bipap. So let's hope it stays like this today. If anyone that is reading has any tried and tested methods for diverting or working through panic attacks, let us know since we need to have them under control.

Thanks for reading and I will keep updating you all.


Cyn said...

Sorry, no advice. But thank you so much for continuing to update. Natalia is in my thoughts daily and without these little updates I would surely worry.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Please send her my love John. I wish that I had something wise to contribute regarding the attacks. Hang in there.

Ramona said...


We have you all in our thoughts. Please send love to Natalia. Hoping and praying for that call. Thank you so much for the updates.

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