Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Few Rough Days

Hello everyone, just a quick update. Natalia has had a few tough days at St. Mike's, not that the previous days were easy. Not sure what it really was about, but things seem to be getting better, so lets keep hoping that is the case. I will keep you all updated, but I have a feeling Natalia will write soon, if she is up for it. Lets hope, i like reading her blogs a lot.

On other fronts, the article about Natalia in the Toronto Star was incredible, i didn't expect that kind of coverage and response from the readers. Barbara Turnbull really did a stunning job with this, and I am sure in the process encouraged some people to think about organ donation. Not much else to report, except that i am now doing morning shifts at the hosptial, 6:30am till 10am or so. Mornings are tough for Natalia so having someone here is important and since Angie is a very very early riser (which makes me a very very early riser), 6:30am is fine with me. I come in and watch Natalia sleep for a few hours which is always nice.

Oh yeah, our baby is coming in less than 2 weeks. Incredible, can't wait.



LittleM said...

Thanks John.. I was thinking 'rough days' was why we haven't heard from her. Each additional one worried me.... glad to hear things are improving.

Ramona said...

Thanks for updating John. Hoping the next few days are better.

Kristin said...

Thanks for updating about your sister. I have been worried as I have been checking her blog and there were no updates over the last few days. Praying for her (and all of you)!

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Hi John. I totally appreciate the update on Nat. You all are in our thoughts.

2 weeks - what a blessing!

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