Friday, November 6, 2009


Hello all, just something a bit different to report. Yesterday, the CBC (canadian broadcasting corp) did a 3 part piece on Natalia. The first part of the story aired yesterday at 7pm on a show called Connect with Mark Kelley, here is the link:

I thought it was really well done, Martin, Mom, Scarlett and Natalia really were naturals. The second part is coming up either monday or tuesday at 7pm on CBC NN.

Anyway, that's the update from this morning, I am with Natalia and she has been sleeping well. Today is officially 3 months on the list. Long time to be waiting for a phone call.


Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

What an incredible job the CBC did capturing Nat. I can't even tell you how good it was to see her and hear her. Are you going to be in the next segment John?

John and Angie said...

I will be in the next one, will talk about organ donation.

Ramona said...

I thought the CBC did a great job. I was very emotional watching it last night.

I thought, like Sarah, that it was so special to be able to see and hear Nat.

As always, I am thinking of her and all of you. Praying and hoping!!

Anonymous said...

Hi John - you're right they are all naturals - hugs and kisses to you all. Linda Forster

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